Cute Animals Videos - The New Sex And Chocolate?

Is there a connection between sex, chocolate and animal xxx? What they have in common is that they are all highly desirable to some good number of people and therefore are constantly sought after. This is probably unsurprising when you hear that, apparently, all of them are said to activate the identical neurological centers with the human brain - that's, those associated with feelings of enjoyment. It has long been recognized that the first couple of in the list are highly desired by people in most walks of life to help manage stress, but some might think that looking at photographs of, and watching videos of cute animals is a more recent phenomenon.

However, photographs of cute kittens and puppies have long graced the lids of chocolate boxes, and even posters of those animals have been around for decades. Moreover, the attraction they hold has been exploited by television program makers for quite some time with such offerings as America's Funniest Home Videos in america and Animals Perform the Funniest Things in the UK. There was also Animal Magic, presented by Johnny Morris who went as far as to add a 'hilarious' commentary on the animal footage, giving each animal a speaking part. Anthropomorphism gone wild! Having said that, the descendants of these shows still like a huge following.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that, on top of this, more and more people nowadays activate their computer to locate friends have filled their in-boxes with links to a plethora of funny videos, notably you Tube, often starring cute animals, playing and doing other cute and often funny things. The chances are that you have sent several yourself or you like to give these links to others. So are people just getting softer or possibly there more to this growing phenomenon than seems obvious?

It is often suggested that the current economic climate as well as the endless stream of not so good news stories which can be found in all the media are serving simply to make us feel a growing number of depressed and stressed. Now we're hard-wired to seek out pleasure also to make ourselves feel good. So this natural inclination may be heightened by current affairs and the mind is keen to revive the equilibrium. Now the old cliche is the fact that people often turn to sex and chocolate in these circumstances to make themselves feel great, but now with the increasing accessibility to the internet and video, then its obviously just another avenue for individuals to seek out pleasure. Another highlight is the advantage that people can actually derive double the amount pleasure readily available cute and funny animals videos when they recommend them to their friends - the delight of first viewing them, and so the responses they receive other people.

The reach of such videos stretches way beyond sites like You Tube, where you can now upload their videos. Cute animals on the web can be big business. For instance, the site icanhascheezburger. It attracts, having its related sites, more than sixteen million visitors each month, and these people come to see photos of cute animal with captions using baby-talk. In fact, they are invited to incorporate captions to photos themselves. It's got created its own growing community.

It certainly appears like cute animals videos are here to stay, and indeed that the popularity continuously increase as increasing numbers of people share their videos on You Tube as well as their own sites. Let's be honest, if you like cute animals, then it is a pleasurable pursuit you could enjoy with others to help manage the stresses every day life, without suffering some of the less desirable side effects of its competitors, like overeating chocolate. However, if you are not careful, it can be addictive and incredibly time-consuming!

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